I thought focusing on some silly stuffs would take my mind off all the screaming in my head and the cravings in my veins.
It did for a while but now it comes back stronger and worse than before. I’m a huge fatass fucking scary ugly shit and I have no dope to numb the pain and no booze to make the voices shut up. It just hurts so much, too much and I just want to die and live and say fuck it and fuck off

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IAN GALLAGHERRR you messed w/ the wrong girl and if you have a problem you know where I live, Gallagher? kiss me and I’ll cut your fucking tongue out, yeah whatever see ya. /burps.douchebags thought you were workin’ today?…I’ll meet you there in twenty, I like ‘em sweet, say that again and i’ll…

the fuck you gettin’ at?

Does he get that look in his eye when he’s with you?


don’t fucking tell me what’s impossible.